Enjoy A Quiet & Relaxing Stay With Us

No one likes rules, but of course we must have a few!

We kindly ask that you slow down and enjoy your stay with us. Please be advised that there is a 5-mph speed limit in the park. This is for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. It is strictly enforced, and you may be asked to leave if this doesn't work for you.

Park Rules & Info

We are pet friendly with no additional fees for your furry friends, but we do always require visible leashes. No exceptions! Also please clean up after your pet.
We are a pet friendly resort, but pets must be walked on a visible leash, may not disturb other guests, and must be cleaned up after by owners. Pets are the responsibility of the owner. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive or aggressive pets. All pets in dog park must be up to date on vaccines, and copies of pet vaccine records must be available upon request. Upon check in, please notify the office of your pets if you have not already added them to your reservation during the booking process.
The only place dogs are allowed off leash is our fenced dog park. Dogs must be always accompanied by their owners when outside. Small dog fences may be used at your site provided that absolutely no stakes are used.
Please do not leave your dog behind if they bark excessively. We understand that you may be unaware of this happening. We will let you know if this occurs so you can return to comfort your furry friend.

This is to ensure everyone enjoys their stay with us and that those weary travelers get the rest they need to continue their journey. The only exception is preplanned events put on by the RV park. Guests will be notified prior to events taking place. These are extremely rare occasions, but we are looking to do fundraising events in the future for area nonprofits and organizations such as veterans and emergency workers. These will be planned months in advance and published on our website.

Please be courteous to your fellow guests during all hours of the day. Excessive noise will not be tolerated any time of the day. During quiet hours, there is no loud talking, loud radios, loud televisions, or other loud noises allowed. The use of generators is prohibited.
Respect your neighbor. Please be considerate of your neighbor’s privacy and space. Do not walk on, or pass through, the site of another guest. Respect our local culture, wildlife, and other guests. Please be mindful of our local laws and conservation of resources.

There is no smoking allowed in restrooms and shower facilities, laundry, or any indoor facility. Smoking is allowed if it is done in a way that will not directly or indirectly impact the experience of another guest. This includes throwing cigarette butts on the ground or in fire rings. Please dispose of them properly.
Alcohol is permitted by legal drinking age adults (21) at your site as well as throughout the park. Alcohol must be consumed in a responsible manner. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. No driving under the influence is allowed on park grounds.

Each site is provided one picnic table and one fire ring. Please do not burn or leave trash in fire rings, and please do not move fire rings without permission from management. All fires must be contained to the ring and campfires are permitted from 8am to midnight. Never leave a fire unattended. Fire bans may occur and will be posted. Any garbage found in fire rings will be subject to a $25 clean up fee. Please remember that many fire rings are used for cooking and should be kept clean.
Please do not move picnic tables from another site. If you need another table, please contact staff so that we may help you.

No tents allowed. This includes screen tents. We do have rec rooms available if you need shelter from the weather. Please note that we do not allow stakes of any sort in ground!

All sewer hoses must be undamaged and sewer connections must be tight. Replacement sewer hoses and donuts are available at the office. The discharge of any wastewater (septic or grey water) is strictly prohibited on the ground. Violators will be subject to a fine and possible removal from the property.
Leaking hoses or water heaters are not allowed. Please ensure that your hose is connected correctly. If you need a washer, new hose, or pressure regulator, they are available at the office.

Two vehicles are included with each reservation (motorcycles and trailers are counted as a vehicle). Additional vehicles are $5 per day and subject to the availability of parking in designated areas. All vehicles must have a parking pass from the office upon check in. Please ensure that your pass is always visible with your site number and proper departure date. Towing is enforced at owner’s expense. Keep all wheels off grass.

Please obey posted speed limits on property. Failure to obey the 5-mph speed limit may result in removal from property without a refund.

ATV and UTV are prohibited in park other than park owned and used for the operation of the property. While we don’t allow operation on our grounds, we do welcome you to come stay with us. We provide you with links for riding in the area on our campground app.

Golf carts, motorcycles and scooters are allowed with the following rules:
Each guest owning a golf cart, motorcycle, or scooter is solely responsible for ensuring that all operators are a minimum of 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Learners’ permits are not acceptable. All such vehicles must be insured. A waiver must be on file at the office for all such vehicles.
Must always have lights on when in operation after sunset.
Must be operated properly. No horseplay, racing, or other misuse will be tolerated. They are to be operated on roads and gravel site pads only. Never on the grass. No driving through RV sites or other prohibited areas. Operation while consuming or under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.
Maximum capacity may never be exceeded. All passengers must be seated when in motion.

In addition to following local regulations, we recommend that all riders wear a helmet while riding a bicycle or cart. Bike and cart riders must obey the same rules of the road as a motor vehicle. When operating a bike after sunset, you must have a light on both the front and rear of the bike. All pedal carts must be returned by 8pm.

No fireworks allowed on park property. Guests must obey all federal, state, and local laws regarding ownership and possession of firearms. Brandishing any type of weapon or threats of violence against self or others will not be tolerated and will result in law enforcement being called and removal from property immediately and permanently.
Lawful carry is permitted on this property. If open carrying on this property you must provide valid permit to carry upon staff request as Minnesota does require a permit to carry.
Discharge of any weapon including but not limited to BB guns or bows is prohibited and will result in removal from property immediately and permanently without a refund.
Emergencies DIAL 911

Rugs and ground carpets are only allowed on gravel site pads. We are in northern Minnesota, when our grass appears to be dead, it is not. It is dormant. Rugs and carpet will kill it. Please fold your carpets if needed and tuck them under your camper to keep them on the gravel. Site pads are plenty wide, so you will have no problem wiping your feet before entering your camper. Please ask us if you would like tips on how to position your rug and get full use of it. We are happy to help you.

Lost and found items may be picked up within one week. If you have continued your travels and realize you have forgotten something, you may contact us, and we will ship it to you at our convenience. We will do our best to work with you, but you will pay shipping costs with our chosen carrier and a small handling fee.

You may receive mail and packages at our park. All deliveries are to be picked up at the office. Delivery times vary daily for all carriers and cannot be guaranteed by a certain time. Please ensure that the name of a registered guest is on your delivery. Our address is 2874 Fenske Farm Ln SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. We do accept packages prior to arrival.

While many restaurants offer delivery in our area, we do require all deliveries to be made at the designated spot by the park entrance. Please understand that all delivery drivers are under a tight schedule and are not able to follow the speed limit. Therefore, they are restricted from delivering directly to your site. Please provide them with a correct phone number and be prepared to promptly meet them for your food. Check our campground app for a list of places that offer delivery as well as dine in options.